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Mud agitator, hopper, screen, hydrocyclone to trading company

The mud agitator, vortex mud hopper, desilter cones and shaker screen have been finished. They are produced for a trading company in Beijing, China. Last week, they placed order on these products.

Actually, this trading company is also the purchase department of Saudi Arabian well drilling company. They totally ordered 12 sets desilter cones, 2 mud agitators, one vortex hopper, and some shaker screens.


They need the vortex hopper to keep high drilling fluid property or to improve the mud performance by feeding and mixing certain chemical additive, the barite, etc. Vortex mud hopper can mix drilling mud evenly before it flow into drilling fluid circulation, enhance well drilling efficiency. They appreciated our hopper since its ligh weight, compact design, high treating capacity

The mud agitator, is one common equipment for drilling mud process. Our mud agitators are simple design, easy to operate, low noise, long usable life. They ordered 2 JBQ mud agitators as one trial order. If the performance is good, they’ll purchase our equipments and parts regularly.


Actually, more and more clients begin ordering our vertical agitators instead of the horizontal ones. No matter you prefer which type, you need any mud equipment, please contact us freely. OGEM will give you one guarantee for each equipment. We can provide you complete technique support and perfect service, also supply products within shortest delivery at lower cost. Anyhow, we?ll our best to satisfy every client.

  • Updating:2013-09-19 16:13