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OGEM shale shaker screens new technology

OGEM Equipment have developed shale shaker screens technology. Presently, the new technology has been adopted on Derrick FLC2000 screens and Swaco Mongoose shaker screen as a trial. Including the mesh screen, the stick, the frame, the painting, etc. Please find following pictures as reference. We trust, new technology will bring better appearance and longer usable life.


Furthermore, we are gonna produce mass shaker screens as the beginning. We’ll send shaker screens to our clients for test. Including test the compliance, the performance and usable life, etc. Firstly, we’ll promote Mongoose screens. Upon users’ advice or suggestion we’ll improve our products by and by. We’ll do our best to give our customer satisfaction.


Meanwhile, we’ll study new technology for further development on other brand shale shaker screens. Based on present and former experience bring more and more surprise to our users. Actually, we ever imported original screens for our study. We didn’t only copy their appearance, material but also the technology and detail. So our present shale shaker screens are very close to original ones. If you have any interest or question please contact us freely

OGEM will provide screen samples for you. Based on actual sample quantity, we may provide screens for free.

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