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Repeat order on shale shaker and desilter, etc

This repeat order including shale shaker, hydrocyclone desilter, as well as the centrifugal feeding pump.

The shale shakers are same as last time. They appreciate our shaker high efficiency and compact. As well as our high quality shaker screen. So this time they ordered another 3 sets AJS703L shaker.

shale shaker original










However, new desilter treating capacity is 528GPM~660GPM. They’ll process more waste water and provide higher efficiency.

Now the shale shakers, CNQ100 desilter and centrifugal pump are under manufacture. Kindly find pictures for your info.

desilter original











The centrifugal pump is SB6x5-11 with 30kw motor. This centrifugal pump will provide sufficient pressure and effective performance ensure desilter high effciency.

This order was placed on 10 Nov. the goods will be finished on or before 27 Nov. We trust, we’ll provide clients timely solution with high quality at reasonable cost.

original centrifual pump










They appreciate our service and products with satisfaction. OGEM will provide all best proposal to clients, promise we’ll be committed to all users.

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