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Shale shaker/Desilter for domestic clients

This client came to OGEM Equipment factory in about 3 months ago. After many times communication and meeting?(thanks to our economical price and professional configuration)?they placed order to us..

They need this system to realize 2 aims. One is process drilling mud from civil construction, the other is to recycle waste water and slurry. Present system is a small unit with treating capacity about 440GPM (100m3/h). Main equipments are AJS703L shale shaker, CNQ100 desilter, and SB5x4-13 centrifugal pump

This unit is rather compact with high performance. Within next week, our engineer will go there provide first free commissioing for this client. This client told us, this lot equipmens is a small order.

ajs703-shale shaker

Depends on our equipments performance and efficiency, they’ll decide whether order subsequent 3 big systems also including shale shaker, hydrocyclone separators, and centrifugal pump, etc. Following system will request about 880GPM (200m3/h treating cpacity). They express their appreciation on our timely delivery and cost-effective products also the wish of our long term mutual benefit joint.

shake shaker,desilter

OGEM Equipment is professional manufacturer on solids control and various mud process system. This system application is just a small division. If you need one system to process water well drilling mud, geothermal drilling fluid, mining separation, piling industry, trenchless mud system, etc. please feel free to enquire OGEM.


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