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The drilling waste system is delivered to the customer

RuiLin Solids Control this for bespoke has paid use of drilling waste management system. The system is mainly composed of pry canning, drilling cuttings dryer RLLS930 type, screw conveyor, centrifuge, for pump, filter press, electric Control system composition. It is used for the recovery and utilization of oil-base mud in the field of a domestic oil field. After repeated discussions in the early stage, the internal material requirements and shape and size of the equipment are designed to be suitable for the type used on the field, and the expected effect is achieved through the operation on the field, which is highly recognized by customers and leaders of the well team.

Drilling waste management system can be effective recycling liquid drilling fluid in drilling cuttings, through equipment high-speed centrifugal acceleration of drilling cuttings are more expensive in the liquid phase to recycle, reduce the production of the scene of the drilling waste, reduces the processing cost, for diesel oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil mud field use effect is good, well received by customers.
Tangshan Ruilin Technology is a collection of production, research and development, sales as one of the modern production enterprises, can be customized for the site requirements of different forms of various types of products. If you have drilling waste disposal requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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