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The second batch solid control equipments produced for China University of Petroleum have been shipped

These solids control equipment includes: three sand pump SB4 × 3-13 (18.5kw), 3 sets SLH18.5 type Mixing funnel (Mixing device), and a number of accessories (special type of elbows, tees and valves, etc.).


SLH Mud mixing pump is equipment to mixing drilling mud. Generally, it will be set on mixing tank skid. It is combined with venturi jet hopper and centrifugal pump. Take less space and make mixing more convenient. The mixing capacity and discharge rate decides the certain model. OGEM SLH Mud mixing pump can be widely used in HDD fluid recovery system, oil and gas drilling mud solids control system, the CSM drilling and mining exploration fluid unit. It is powerful and efficient. Come to OGEM get your optimal solutions.


SB series drilling mud centrifugal pump can be designed from 3×2 to 8×6. Selecting centrifugal pump is according to flow rate demand. Furthermore, the flow rate is related with motor power, head, electric system, the impeller size. Centrifugal pump in drilling mud process system is mainly power supply. And pump drilling fluid from mud tank to mud process equipment. Such as desander, desilter, or mud cleaner cones, decanter centrifuge. It also can be combined with venturi hopper to mix drilling fluid completely. OGEM website will provide some information for your reference. If you do need details or have interest on our equipments just contact OGEM Equipment freely.


OGEM Solids Control is main professional manufacturer of Solids Control System in China, OGEM  is a vital part of the world hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, as well as one of top three solids control equipment suppliers in China, which offers its products for CNPC, CNOOC ,HH, Gazprom, RG, etc . If you want to know more information about solid control system and oil drilling solids control equipment,you can contact us online.

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